Is Earth bigger than Callisto?

Answer : Yes, Earth is bigger than Callisto
The Radius from the Center of Earth is 6,371 km, (3,959 mi) while it is 2,410 km, (1,498 mi) for Callisto
Radius From CenterRadius From Center:6,371 km, (3,959 mi)Radius From Center:2,410 km, (1,498 mi)
Distance From SunDistance From Sun:149,600,000 km, (92,956,952 mi)Distance From Sun:n/a
DescriptionDescription:Description:Moon of Jupiter
/pics/items/astronomy/the earth/pics/items/astronomy/callisto
Radius From Center:6,371 km, (3,959 mi)
Distance From Sun:149,600,000 km, (92,956,952 mi)
/pics/items/astronomy/the earth
Radius From Center:2,410 km, (1,498 mi)
Distance From Sun:n/a
Description:Moon of Jupiter

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