Is Pico Duarte taller than Gerlachovský štít?

Answer : Yes, Pico Duarte is taller than Gerlachovský štít
The height of Pico Duarte is 3,098 m, (10,164 ft), while for Gerlachovský štít it is 2,655 m, (8,711 ft)
NameName:Pico DuarteName:Gerlachovský štít
HeightHeight:3,098 m, (10,164 ft)Height:2,655 m, (8,711 ft)
DescriptionDescription:Highest point in the Caribbean islands.Description:Highest point in Slovakia.
Name:Pico Duarte
Height:3,098 m, (10,164 ft)
Description:Highest point in the Caribbean islands.
Name:Gerlachovský štít
Height:2,655 m, (8,711 ft)
Description:Highest point in Slovakia.

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