Which is taller, Ojos del Salado or Chappal Waddi?

Answer : Ojos del Salado is taller than Chappal Waddi
The height of Ojos del Salado is 6,893 m, (22,615 ft) and the height of Chappal Waddi is 2,419 m, (7,936 ft)
NameName:Ojos del SaladoName:Chappal Waddi
HeightHeight:6,893 m, (22,615 ft)Height:2,419 m, (7,936 ft)
DescriptionDescription:Highest active volcano in the world Description:Highest point in Nigeria.
Name:Ojos del Salado
Height:6,893 m, (22,615 ft)
Description:Highest active volcano in the world
Name:Chappal Waddi
Height:2,419 m, (7,936 ft)
Description:Highest point in Nigeria.

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