Is the The Harbour Hotel & Residence taller than the Park Tower?

Answer : No, the The Harbour Hotel & Residence is shorter than the Park Tower
The The Harbour Hotel & Residence is 256 m, (840 ft) tall, while the height of the Park Tower is 257 m, (843 ft)
NameName:The Harbour Hotel & ResidenceName:Park Tower
HeightHeight:256 m, (840 ft)Height:257 m, (843 ft)
LocationLocation:Dubai, United Arab Emirates Location:Chicago, United States
Year ConstructedYear Constructed:2007Year Constructed:2000
Name:The Harbour Hotel & Residence
Height:256 m, (840 ft)
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year Constructed:2007
Name:Park Tower
Height:257 m, (843 ft)
Location:Chicago, United States
Year Constructed:2000

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