Is the The Address Downtown Burj Khalifa taller than the Franklin Center?

Answer : No, the The Address Downtown Burj Khalifa is shorter than the Franklin Center
The The Address Downtown Burj Khalifa is 306 m, (1,004 ft) tall, while the height of the Franklin Center is 307 m, (1,007 ft)
NameName:The Address Downtown Burj KhalifaName:Franklin Center
HeightHeight:306 m, (1,004 ft)Height:307 m, (1,007 ft)
LocationLocation:Dubai, United Arab Emirates Location:Chicago, United States
Year ConstructedYear Constructed:2008Year Constructed:1989
Name:The Address Downtown Burj Khalifa
Height:306 m, (1,004 ft)
Location:Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year Constructed:2008
Name:Franklin Center
Height:307 m, (1,007 ft)
Location:Chicago, United States
Year Constructed:1989

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