Which is bigger, The Sun or Ganymede?

Answer : The Sun is bigger than Ganymede
The Radius from the Center of The Sun is 696,000 km, (432,474 mi) and for Ganymede it is 2,631 km, (1,635 mi)
NameName:The SunName:Ganymede
Radius From CenterRadius From Center:696,000 km, (432,474 mi)Radius From Center:2,631 km, (1,635 mi)
Distance From SunDistance From Sun:n/aDistance From Sun:n/a
DescriptionDescription:Description:Moon of Jupiter
/pics/items/astronomy/the sun/pics/items/astronomy/ganymede
Name:The Sun
Radius From Center:696,000 km, (432,474 mi)
Distance From Sun:n/a
/pics/items/astronomy/the sun
Radius From Center:2,631 km, (1,635 mi)
Distance From Sun:n/a
Description:Moon of Jupiter

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