Which is taller, a Lemur or a Quagga?

A: A Quagga is taller than a Lemur
The average height of a Lemur is 10 cm, (3.9 in ) and for a Quagga the average height is 130 cm, (4 ft, 3.2 in )
Height10 cm, (3.9 in )130 cm, (4 ft, 3.2 in )
* Grey Mouse Lemur - ranges from 8.6 to 12.9cm* Extinct - ranged from 125 to 135cm
Weightn/a275 kg, (606 lbs)
Top Speed32 kph, (20 mph)n/a
Lifespan in Wild (years)418
DescriptionGray Mouse Lemurs are small lemurs from the forests of Madagascar. They are characterized by huge eyes and small limbs and are brownish-grey with reddish tones. They are nocturnal, sleeping in groups, and eat insects.Quaggas were a subspecies of zebras, but are now extinct due to hunting by European settlers in the late 1800's. Like Okapis, they had partial zebra markings. They had the same striping at the head and neck and part way down their middles. The stripes faded around the middle of the animal, and disappeared all together at the rear. The last of its kind wasdied in 1883 at Amsterdam Zoo.

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