Which is lighter, a Gazelle or a Hare?

A: A Hare is lighter than a Gazelle
The average weight of a Gazelle is 35 kg, (77 lbs) and the average weight of a Hare is 4 kg, (9 lbs)
Weight35 kg, (77 lbs)4 kg, (9 lbs)
* ranges from 12 to 75kg* Arctic Hare - ranges from 3 to 5kg
Height85 cm, (2 ft, 9.5 in )60 cm, (1 ft, 11.6 in )
Top Speed48 kph, (30 mph)64 kph, (40 mph)
Lifespan in Wild (years)114
DescriptionGazelles are fast, slim, and graceful animals, similar to antelope. They have very long pointed horns which stretch straight up, curving back, and appear to be striped.The Arctic Hare is a small rabbit like animal which is able to live in harsh environments. They are found in northern regions of the Arctic Circle, mainly in parts of Northern America, Europe and the North Pole. Their movement resembles that of a kangaroo, hopping off its back. Their thick coat changes color from white during winter to brownish-gray to gray-blue throughout summer.

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