Which is lighter, a Dormouse or a Gorilla?

A: A Dormouse is lighter than a Gorilla
The average weight of a Dormouse is 100 kg, (220 lbs) and the average weight of a Gorilla is 150 kg, (331 lbs)
Weight100 kg, (220 lbs)150 kg, (331 lbs)
* ranges from .015 to 200kg* ranges from 100 to 200kg
Heightn/a155 cm, (5 ft, 1 in )
Top Speed12.8 kph, (8 mph)40 kph, (25 mph)
Lifespan in Wild (years)342
DescriptionA dormouse is a little mouse with a long tail and long wiskers. They are tree climbers that come in many colors, including brown, grey, gold, tan, white, and black.Gorillas are large, powerful, black or grey primates. They are known for having long arms and big heads. They live in jungles and rainforests.

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