Is the Audi 80 Quattro 1983 more expensive than the Opel Omega 2.5i-V6 1999?

A: No, the Opel Omega 2.5i-V6 1999 is more expensive than the Audi 80 Quattro 1983
The latest new price of the Audi 80 Quattro 1983 is $33,940 USD and it is $48,063 USD for the Opel Omega 2.5i-V6 1999
NameAudi 80 Quattro 1983Opel Omega 2.5i-V6 1999
Most Recent New Price$33,940 USD$48,063 USD
Price NotesPrice current as at Dec 2013Price current as at Dec 2013
Top Speed193 kph, (120 mph)223 kph, (139 mph)
Body Typesedansedan
Release Year19831999
Total Max Power100 kW, (134.1 hp)125 kW, (167.63 hp)
0-100kph Acceleration9.1 seconds10.5 seconds
Average Consumption10 l/100km, (28.25 mpg)10.9 l/100km, (25.92 mpg)
Transmission5 speed, manual4 speed, automatic
Weight1190 kg, (2623 lbs)1620 kg, (3571 lbs)
DescriptionThe Audi 80 Quattro 1983 is a front+rear-wheel drive, 4 door, 5 seat sedan. The car is 1682 mm, (66.22 in) wide and 4383 mm, (172.56 in) long. It comes with Tinted windows as standard. It has a 5 cylinder, injection petrol engine.The Opel Omega 2.5i-V6 1999 is a 5 seat, 4 door, rear-wheel drive sedan. The car is 1776 mm, (69.92 in) wide and 4898 mm, (192.83 in) long. It has ABS, Tinted windows, Central door locking, Passenger airbag, Driver airbag, Traction control and Cruise control as standard and Fog lamps, Burglar alarm and Alloy wheels as optional extras. It has a 6 cylinder, multipoint injection petrol engine.

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