Which is taller, the Citigroup Centre (Sydney) or the Qingdao International Trade Center 2?

A: The Qingdao International Trade Center 2 is taller than the Citigroup Centre (Sydney)
The height of the Citigroup Centre (Sydney) is 243 m, (797 ft) while the height of the Qingdao International Trade Center 2 is 246 m, (807 ft)
NameName:Citigroup Centre (Sydney)Name:Qingdao International Trade Center 2
HeightHeight:243 m, (797 ft)Height:246 m, (807 ft)
LocationLocation:Sydney, Australia Location:Qingdao, China
Year ConstructedYear Constructed:2000Year Constructed:2012
Name:Citigroup Centre (Sydney)
Height:243 m, (797 ft)
Location:Sydney, Australia
Year Constructed:2000
Name:Qingdao International Trade Center 2
Height:246 m, (807 ft)
Location:Qingdao, China
Year Constructed:2012

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