Which is taller, the Chongqing Poly Tower or the Cologne Cathedral?

A: The Chongqing Poly Tower is taller than the Cologne Cathedral
The height of the Chongqing Poly Tower is 287 m, (942 ft) while the height of the Cologne Cathedral is 157 m, (515 ft)
NameName:Chongqing Poly TowerName:Cologne Cathedral
HeightHeight:287 m, (942 ft)Height:157 m, (515 ft)
LocationLocation:Chongqing, China Location:Cologne, Germany
Year ConstructedYear Constructed:2010Year Constructed:1248–1880
DescriptionDescription:Description:Tallest freestanding structure on land from 1880 to 1884
Name:Chongqing Poly Tower
Height:287 m, (942 ft)
Location:Chongqing, China
Year Constructed:2010
Name:Cologne Cathedral
Height:157 m, (515 ft)
Location:Cologne, Germany
Year Constructed:1248–1880
Description:Tallest freestanding structure on land from 1880 to 1884

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