Is a Gilamonster faster than a Dingo?

A: No, a Gilamonster is slower than a Dingo
The average top speed of a Gilamonster is 24 kph, (15 mph) while for a Dingo it is 48 kph, (30 mph)
Top Speed24 kph, (15 mph)48 kph, (30 mph)
Heightn/a56 cm, (1 ft, 10 in )
Weight1 kg, (2 lbs)17 kg, (37 lbs)
Lifespan in Wild (years)2011
DescriptionThe gila monster is a venomous lizard that lives in Mexico and the United States. It is bright orange and dark brown, black, or green in color, and they like to live in open rocky areas.Dingos are canines, similar to dogs. They have long bushy tails, and can be grey, red, black, brown, tan, or yellow in color. They are usually wild animals, but can be domesticated.
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