Which is slower, an Elephant or a Moose?

A: A Moose is slower than an Elephant
An Elephant has an average top speed of 40 kph, (25 mph) and for a Moose it is 32 kph, (20 mph)
Top Speed40 kph, (25 mph)32 kph, (20 mph)
Height285 cm, (9 ft, 4.2 in )175 cm, (5 ft, 8.9 in )
Weight4500 kg, (9921 lbs)500 kg, (1102 lbs)
Lifespan in Wild (years)6212
DescriptionElephants are large, with grey leathery skin. They are social animals with fan like ears and very long trunks for noses. They are able to use their trunks for a variety of purposes, just as though they were hands.Moose are the largest in the deer family, and live in cold regions of Europe and North America. They cannot sweat, and their bellies generate heat, so they cannot stay in warmer environments. They are known to be strong swimmers and can reach up to 9.5 kph in the water.

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