Which is shorter, a Lemur or a Warthog?

A: A Lemur is shorter than a Warthog
The average height of a Lemur is 10 cm, (3.9 in ) while the average height of a Warthog is 77 cm, (2 ft, 6.3 in )
Height10 cm, (3.9 in )77 cm, (2 ft, 6.3 in )
* Grey Mouse Lemur - ranges from 8.6 to 12.9cm* ranges from 63 to 85cm
Weightn/a100 kg, (220 lbs)
Top Speed32 kph, (20 mph)48 kph, (30 mph)
Lifespan in Wild (years)49
DescriptionGray Mouse Lemurs are small lemurs from the forests of Madagascar. They are characterized by huge eyes and small limbs and are brownish-grey with reddish tones. They are nocturnal, sleeping in groups, and eat insects.Warthogs are typically found in wooded savannas and semi-desserts of Africa. These black/brown pigs have a large tusks to fight off rivals and predators. Their faces have 3 pairs of warts, one of which has white bristles.

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